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Gisele - Gaby Shiba
Gisele sings Mabruk - The Clone
part of the Sword Dance


Dvds of perfomances in Lebanon and other arab coutries!

Price : US$20,00 each video or dvd 

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Gisele 1:shows for lebanese tv -show open air The Music Day in beiruth fo 20.000 people- choreographies solo and with group, Saidi dance, durbak (tabla) solo ,classic oriental dance.
Gisele 2 :Laili Zaman:The musical-was on for a year in Lebanon,from famous lebanese producer and director Romeo Lahud. 

Dances solo and with group.Oriental,Andaluz, dabke, folclore e beduin.



Gisele 3:Shows  Lebanese Tv,the first and most famous Sword dance-Show open air for 10000 peolple in Beiruth - presentations on   Lebanonīs best nigth club-drum solos .
Asking professional belly dancer Dandash -whom is one of the best in Cairo on present time-how does she studies ,and how does she has ideas forher new shows ,she said: with the videos of the best shows from Egipt and Lebanon!!!

For a  succssesful professional dancer ,it is important to always study .

To know what is the real Oriental Dance,which is an Art that comes from so far,whe must watch the videos that come from Egipt and Lebanon, to study the original music, interpreting and costums .