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music from cd   "O melhor da 
Dança do ventre de "O Clone 
magazine  El Estejaueb,  from Saudi Arabia -the title is:Gisele -brasilian dancer who is amaster oriental dance
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magazine Achábake from Lebanon Gisele- brazilian dancer searching for lebanese roots

propaganda of the  show  Laiali Zaman

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Acted on the novel: "o Clone "in many episodes.



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novel O Clone

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Participated on the novels soundtrack

singing in arab

also for the  Cd"O melhor da Dança do Ventre de O Clone" - Som Livre Records

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sang by

 Gisele on Cd

"O melhor da 

Dança do ventre 

de "O Clone        



Novela O Clone- Gisele dances and sings






The Acrobatic Sword Dance ...

fascinated the lebanese audiece, performed also in Dubai ,Abu Dhabi e Oman on  Persian Guf,Jordan,Tunis, Siria,Lebanon,working with the best artists there.


 Show  Ashrafie Sqare Beiruth -Lebanon

audience of 10.000 people

Gisele is a dancer that has so much respect in Midle East,that was chosen among all the dancers  to perform 

on the music show, Laiali Zaman of consacreted director Romeo Lahud .

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Her videos are reference for dancers and belly dance teachers all over the world see:  dvds









fone:(00 55 11) 9916 7417

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novel O Clone

arab weddings on novel

shows arab tv