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   Gisele-  The brazilian dancer -the sword dancer -considered one of the best dancers in Midle East,(by the critics and arabic press-see Arab Press)

On the next pages, a litle of this  history .The pictures are also a gratefulness  for the love and respect of the lebanese and arab  audience, and a thanks for the hospitality and teatchings  that will remain forever on the heart.

On links : Arab press     views of the arabic press about Gisele´s dance.


The Sword dancer-  the brasilian Gisele -Left:At El Anuar -Gisele-brasilian sword on lebanese nights




On the theater

Gisele is a graduate in classic ballet and history of the music at Escola Municipal de Bailados- Sao Paulo.Brasil

In midle East,her work is compared by the critics and specialized publications with the greatest arabic dancers of all times ,with ballet technique mixed with the elegance and the correct interpretation of the arabic music.

Chosen to be the star of "Laiali Zaman"of the famous Baalbek’s Festival director Romeo Lahud,musical Show that marks the opening of the theater Ceasar’s Palace in Lebanon..This show has been a success was on for almost a year, and was seen by the lebanese president a the lebanese Prime Minister.

Her video performances are reference for the belly dance students all over the world.Her choreographies with the sword are studied and copied by the dancers in many countries, such as France ,England,Canada and Germany.

Her importance in the arabic midia is irrefutable.


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