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  the Clone   

Brazilian tv serie , very successful worldwide , scenes with dancer and singer Gisele: 

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Gisele participated of the  brasilian tv serial The Clone ,with great succes.She danced and  also singed in many episodes,recorded in arab for the soundtrack  ,and the cd" Clone´s best bely dancing"by producer and maestro Marcus Viana  

GiseleThe brasilian Lebanon adores and aplauds.Gisele is  famous inLebanon.There, she was  cover of  magazines, nationwide,enterviwed by newspapers, radio,tvs, danced on  Tv shows up to  15 minutes live,participated on festivals open air in front of 10 thousand people, danced on the best night clubs and theaters of  Midle East,danced also for  presidents and prime ministers.In Brasil is very well known on dance "milieu" , but this does not represents the smallest part of what her name means to the lebanese,  asking  her autographs even when she´s shopping on supermarket.

This is like if a foreign dancer came to Brasil and turn out to be a celebrity dancing samba ,with a very important detail: all the time the midia reaffirmed her brasilian nationality .On a video  to Tele Liban, the program hostess confirms   the sucses of her work, saying "Gisele dances better than the lebanese"

Cd´s cover:Gisele´s singing in arabic

She had on her shows the partner Khanito, lebanese master of Ballroom ,dancing betwen the oriental, tango, mambo, rumba,  with the Hollywood style of performing: Dirty Dancing movie´s coreography is  é meticulosly  studied and step by step, made over integraly.

Once , when everything was going all right, one incident happened:one night,in midle of her performance, a tini glass  bead  of her costume falled down.Was a glass tube ,size of one inch ,broke down on the floor  

Gisele was barefoot taht night(she usualy wears high heels) ,everything is so fast, the pieces of glass go on firmily inside her foot.The blood wets the floor , hidden by the darkness of the stage, pain is terribel.A non included tear  joins the sweat of her face,running out  on the make-up.But "show must go on" ,nobody notest, and Gisele stays dancing till the ending.For 20 minutes.


MILTON SALDANHA  (Published on "Dance" newspaper )



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