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Mor information about Gisele

She is a graduate in classic ballet and history of the music at Escola Municipal de Bailados- Sao Paulo.Brasil

Her career starts in Brasil after she was invited to dance in Mexico,at "Adonis".

There Gisele has the chance to work with the "Mahmoud Redha Group",of the director and choreographer Mahmoud Redha which is renownedto be the best choreographer in Egipt. ,in tour on Mexico,by this time,having her first experience with the egyptian style and professionalism.

Dancing on Dallas Hotel in Beiruth ,is seen by the lebanese Tv director" Simon Assmar",whom invites her to perform on a program of the Lebanese BroadcastingCorporation,LBC.This performance has amazing reviews from the critics and success with the lebanese audience                                                                                       

Her work is compared by the critics and specialized publications with thegreatest arabic dancers of all times ,with ballet technique mixed with the elegance and the correct interpretation of the arabic music

Her impact on the arabic artistic "millieu"was so big and influenced the other professional oriental dancers working by that time in Lebanon.

Since then ,Gisele is the favourite to perform in shows,hotels and theaters in Lebanon,beside the greatest names of arabic music ,as Jorge Uassuf,Ragheb Aleme,Noal el Zoghbi, Alaa Zalzale,Ualid Tufik and others.

Performs at one of the latest shows of the late composer and maestro ofclassical arabic music "Karem Mahmoud" author of the song "Sâmra ia Sâmra"

-Performs beside the renowed poet "Uadia Assafe" on a show in open air with an audience of 10.000 people.

Gisele had the honour to be chosen among all the arabic and foreign dancers to substitute one of the biggest names of the oriental dance Nadia Gamal,who passed away the year before,to be the star of the Romeo Lahud’s" Laiali Libnan" .This show was one of the first performances in the University of Beiruth after the war.

Performs beside the Lebanese singer Madona at the re-opening of the Legendary night clug Epi Club in Beiruth,belonging to the famous Agent Toros Siranoussian.

Performs with the biggest names of the arabic music artists in the Music Festival in Beiruth’s Achrafie Square ,with an audience of 20000 people.

Travels to Dubai, ,Abu Dhabi and Oman in the Gulf ,Jordan,Tunis, Siria

Always performing in the best Five star hotels ,Night clubs,and Theaters,with na audience of very important people,like sheiks,consuls,and ministers as well as the people who admires and respects her dance.

Chosen to be the star of "Laiali Zaman"of the famous Baalbek’s Festival director Romeo Lahud,musical Show that marks the opening of the theater Ceasar’s Palace in Lebanon..This show has been a success was on for almost a year, and was seen by the lebanese president a the lebanese Prime Minister.

Her video performances are reference for the belly dance students all over the world.Her choreographies with the sword are studied and copied by the dancers in many countries, such as France ,England,Canada and Germany.

Her importance in the arabic midia is irrefutable.