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 Arabic Show with Gisele  midle eastern dancer and singer

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your party or wedding with the tradition and live spirit of Arabic music and culture

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Inta aomri eli ibtada b’nourak sabahou With your light,a dawn of my life started
Ad eh min aomri ablak rah'   w a’ada How much of my life before you is lost
ia habibi ad eh min aomri rah' was a waste my love
Wala sheif álb ablak farhahá  wah'adah my heart never saw happyness before you
Wala dak fi el dunia ghair taa’m el-guirah' my heart has never seen but suffering and pain
Ibtadait bil ua'te bass ah'eb aomri only now I begin to love my life
Ibtadait bil  ua'te  akhaf lel aomri iegri I'm afraid my life scapes from me 
Kuli farha eshte' aha min ablak khayale all happiness I use to dream before I met you
Elta'aha fi nur a’aineik albe w fikre My dreams have met  on the light of your eyes
Ia haiat albe ia aghla min haiati Oh, life of my heart, you are more precious than my life

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Novel the Clone- Arab typical marriage - the dancer  and the newly weds.

Arab songs: traditional and classic or the  modern and dancing  -  part of  Oum Kholtoum's   Inta Aomri Music     -    right

blue dressshow Petrópolis -Rio de JaneiroBrazil-11/05          orange drees-Show Cuiabá-MT Brazil(12/05)

Dabke   traditional dance with all the  the party guests.

The show can count on the presence of dancers and dancers invited, photos of the Nur group, pupils of Gisele, in a show choreographed with some Arab typical dances
The show can have the presence of musicians- below,the drum player (durback) Christiano Marques and his band


Show Beiruth-Lebanon

 Gisele's dance  -compared for the Arab critics and the press with the dance of the great classic arab dancers

more arab press

Show Petrópolis-RJ-Brazil

Show Campinas-SP-Brazil


Cassino Monte Carlo Beiruth-Lebanon


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