Magazines and newspapers write about dance, music and Gisele´s work in Lebanon and other arab countries                                   




Above the brasilian dancer Gisele

 beside, jornalist Lutfe Saad(foto) ,praises                     Gisele´s flexibility and  compares with dancers:                   (from top)Samara,Nariman,Dani Bustros,Gisele , Amani, Bushra


         Below,show wih egiptian singer  Karem Mahmoud

right ,comparing dancers :Ranin,Gisele,Dani Bustros,Houaida el Hachim




Above party at  Monte Carlo,right ,presence on show  with singer  Amira Saguira



Achábake magazine  writes about singer´s Rágheb Áleme show with Gisele at Monte Carlo Club-Lebanon


from left::Noal el Zoghbi,Gisele,Ragheb

below: Rida Boutros and other artists watching the show

Enterview:Gisele,Dani Bustros,Houaida el Hachim

Dallas,Hotel by Mounir Fadul, first place she danced in Lebanon

enterview-blonde dancer


rigth:with singer Imod Alam e-Din,picture was painted by the magazine that goes to very traditional countries




Apaluses to performance

at  Marbaa Laiali


In  Muscat-Oman,

El BustanHotel 


El Diar-Lebanon

Party with singer Madona 

With singer Ualid Tufik

With lebanese singer Madona